Rebecca E. Eden (or REE as some of her very close friends call her) is a single mom of 14-year-old triplets living in Chicago and often gets asked how she manages her life as a digital marketing executive while balancing her children's activities and lives.

She always answers the same thing: BE - and STAY - super organized.

In her spare time (!), Rebecca started REEORGANIZE to help other busy families organize and design their living space to better work for them. 

Rebecca believes it is about living the best you can within the space you have.

She became a pro at this after living in five different homes in the last five years with her children. Rebecca is the queen of purging and decluttering, but is also sentimental and manages to hold on to what is important, like letters from friends and art masterpieces created by her children.

She is cognizant of budgets, is creative and crafty when reusing or re-purposing items, like furniture. Also, Rebecca would rather give stuff away than throw it away. 

REE-DO YOU to live the life you want to live!

Contact REE today to get an estimate on a closet, pantry, garage, office or whole house.